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  1. Formally placed in a position.


  1. past of enthrone

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Enthroned is a black metal band formed in Charleroi in 1993 by Cernunnos. He soon recruited guitarist Tsebaoth and a vocalist from grindcore/black metal band Hecate who stayed until the end of December 1993. Then bassist/vocalist Sabathan joined. The band released a 5-track demo tape in mid-1994 which brought them to the attention of several independent labels. A 7? split EP with Ancient Rites was then released by the underground label Afterdark Records. After the label's demise, Evil Omen Records (a sub-label of Osmose Productions) released Enthroned's first full-length release, Prophecies of Pagan Fire. Shortly thereafter, the band enlisted second guitarist Nornagest. Eventually, Tseboath was replaced by Nebiros.
1996, along with Ancient Rites and Bewitched, Enthroned began an extensive tour of Europe.
In April 1997, as Enthroned was to begin recording Towards the Skullthrone of Satan, Cernunnos took his life. Enthroned recorded the album with a session drummer in honor of Cernunnos and performed at the Dragons Blaze festival with newly acquired drummer Namroth Blackthorn.
In April 1998, the band toured the European continent with Dark Funeral and also released the MCD Regie Sathanas which was dedicated to their former drummer Cernunnos. Later that year, they toured again with labelmates Hecate Enthroned and Usurper. At the close of 1998, the band entered Abyss Studios (Sweden) to record The Apocalypse Manifesto. This third album was released in May 1999, which dealt with the biblical concept of the Apocalypse as interpreted by a satanic perspective.
Enthroned rounded off the 20th Century on tour with Marduk and continued to take European crowds by storm with several other live performances.
In 2000, the band parted ways with Nebiros and recruited Nerath Daemon as their new vocalist, went on a German mini tour followed by several other European shows and recorded Armoured Bestial Hell in the Real Sound Studio (Germany). This fourth album was released in April 2001. Namroth Blackthorn was replaced by Alsvid from the French Black Metal band Seth. Enthroned continued to play many live gigs in and around Europe, as well as in the US.
In early 2002, Enthroned signed to Napalm Records releasing their fifth full-length recording, Carnage in Worlds Beyond, later that year. In June 2003, Nguaroth (guitars) and Glaurung (drums) joined Enthroned played a South American tour and released their sixth album, XES Haereticum.
In 2005, Enthroned released their first official live album, Black Goat Ritual, recorded during their tour of Brazil. Enthroned parted ways with longtime vocalist Sabathan, at which time Nornagest took over the vocals, Phorgath joined the band on bass.
In June 2007, Enthroned recorded their seventh album Tetra Karcist, seeing the return of old drummer Alsvid for the studio sessions.
Ahephahim joined as the new official drummer in June 2007 and Enthroned signed with Regain Records in January 2008.


  • Nornagest - Lead vocals (2007-), guitar (1995-)
  • Nguaroth - Guitar, background vocals (2004-)
  • Phorgath - Bass guitar, background vocals (2007-)
  • Ahephaim - Drums (2007-)

Former members

  • Alsvid - Drums
  • Lord Sabathan - Lead vocals, bass (1994-2006)
  • Glaurung - Drums (2004-2007)
  • Nerath Daemon - Guitar, keyboard (2000-2004)
  • Namroth Blackthorn - Drums (1998-2001)
  • Nebiros - Guitar (1995-2000)
  • Da Cardoen - Session drums on Towards the Skullthrone of Satan (1997)
  • Cernunnos - Drums (1993-1997) Committed suicide by hanging on April 19th, 1997
  • Tsebaoth - Guitar (1993-1996)
  • Asmodeus - Guitar (1995)
  • Alexis - Lead vocals (1993)


  • Prophecies of Pagan Fire (Full-length, 1995, Evil Omen Productions) Re-released with a bonus CD entitled Commanders of Chaos in 1999 by Blackend Records
  • Towards the Skullthrone of Satan (Full-length, 1997, Blackend Records)
  • Regie Sathanas - a Tribute to Cernunnos (EP, 1998, Blackend Records)
  • The Apocalypse Manifesto (Full-length, 1999, Blackend Records)
  • Armoured Bestial Hell (Full-length, 2001, Blackend Records)
  • Carnage in Worlds Beyond (Full-length, 2003, Napalm Records)
  • Goatlust (EP, 2003, Painkiller Records)
  • XES Haereticum (Full-length, 2004, Napalm Records)
  • Black Goat Ritual: Live in Thy Flesh (Live album, 2005, Napalm Records)
  • Tetra Karcist (Full-length, 2007, Napalm Records)


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